The Members of the Cluster are:

  • BUSINESSES: Fincantieri S.p.A., Monte Carlo Yachts S.p.A., RINA Sp.A., CETENA S.p.A., Sultan Srl, Nanto Protective Coatings S.r.l., Consortium of PMI  - IM.PRO.NA2 -  operating in the sector of ship and boatbuilding;

  • PUBLIC OR PRIVATE RESERCH CENTRES, UNIVERSITIES, RESEARCH BODIES: University of Trieste, University of Udine, SISSA (International School for Advanced Studies), Area Science Park, OGS (National Institute of Oceanography and Experimental Geophysics).


  • EDUCATION AND TRANING BODIES: Conform FVG (Consortium of regional traning centers)

  • OTHER PRIVATE/PUBLIC BODIES: Monfalcone Port; BIC Incubatori FVG


In a territory with one of the highest concentrations of research centres in Italy, AREA Science Park operates since 1978 at the centre of an integrated eco-system of knowledge, technology and skills for the development of the economic system, the exploitation of research results and the creation of startups.

With its three campuses, located in Trieste and Gorizia, about 90 R&D centres and companies and 2,500 employees, AREA Science Park is one of the main Italian hubs of the European research and innovation network.

AREA Science Park

Padriciano, 99 - 34149 Trieste


Aries - Azienda Speciale della Camera di Commercio di Trieste
Piazza della Borsa, 14, 34121 TRIESTE

The Port of Monfalcone is the most northern port place of the Adriatic Sea and, consequently, the closest one to central Europe. It is located at 45° 47' N latitude and at 13° 33' E longitude. Thanks to the particular operating efficiency mainly resulting from the spirit of cooperation among the various stakeholders, the Port of Monfalcone is one of today's most efficient Italian ones.

CCIAA di Gorizia – Azienda Speciale per il Porto di Monfalcone
via Terme Romane, 5 – 34074 Monfalcone


In 2009, BIC Incubatori FVG entered the FVG region through Friulia. Its mission is to support local businesses that have identified new growth opportunities or have innovative ideas to develop, helping to find customised financial solutions and fully-equipped spaces.

BIC Incubatori FVG S.p.A.
via Flavia, 23/1 – 34148 Trieste


CETENA – Centro per gli Studi di Tecnica Navale – is a member company of the FINCANTIERI group and works on basic research, industrial research and development in the sector of nautical construction and propulsion and consultancy in the nautical sector. CETENA’s activities are divided into three main areas: technical support and consultancy services for shipbuilders, marittime operators, suppliers in the shipbuilding sector, and technological transfer.

Via Ippolito d'Aste, 5 - 16121 Genova


Confindustria Friuli Venezia Giulia
Piazza Casali 1
34134 Trieste

Consorzio Imprese Produzione Navale e Nautico – Im.Pro.Na2
(consortium of ship and boatbuilding businesses)
P.zza della Repubblica 1, 34074 Monfalcone

The ImProNa² consortium is a non-profit association of companies wishing to express their potential to the full in the industrial sector to which they belong. On top of promoting and developing the activities of its members, the consortium also supports the companies’ research, innovation and training activities, seeking, together with Ditenave, the best tool with which to finance them. The consortium comprises:

    Via del Coroneo, 21 - 34133 Trieste
    Via San Nicolò, 33 - 34121 Trieste
  • LM IMPIANTI s.r.l.
    Via Duca D'Aosta, 68/G - 34074 Monfalcone
    Via J. Srebernich,14 - 34077 Ronchi dei Legionari
    Via Consiglio d'Europa, 60 - 34074 Monfalcone
    Via Terza Armata, 18 - 34074 Monfalcone
  • NORD EST ENGINEERING Consorzio di imprese
    Via Volontari della Libertà, 18 - 34077 Ronchi dei Legionari
  • S.M.B. s.r.l.
    Via dell'Industria, 43 - 34075 San Canzian d'Isonzo
  • STING s.r.l. Servizi Tecnici per l’Ingegneria
    Via Piovega, 45 - Gemona del Friuli
  • "TRE-ZETA s.n.c. di Zio Roberto e Zorzenon Valter"
    Via Rosa Agazzi, 6/A - 34079 Staranzano
  • WEKER s.r.l.
    Via Alcide de Gasperi, 31 - 34170 Gorizia c/o Consulest S.N.C.


CPI-ENG s.r.l.
Via del lavatoio 4, Trieste

Via del Follatoio, 12
34148 Trieste

FINCANTIERI, heir to the great Italian shipbuilding tradition and one of the largest shipbuilders in the world, is active in the design and construction of highly complex vessels with high added value, merchant and naval ships, and from offshore to mega-yachts.

Via Genova, 1 - 34121 Trieste


Friuli Innovazione was set up in 1999 by the University of Udine, the Udine Industrial Association, the Fiat Research Centre, Agemont, the Pordenone Industrial Association and the CRUP Foundation. Friuli Innovazione is a research and technology transfer centre. It rules the enterprises incubator Techno Seed and the Science and Technology Park entitled to Luigi Danieli in Udine.

Parco Scientifico e Tecnologico Luigi Danieli di Udine
33100 Udine, via Jacopo Linussio 51

OGS is a public research body with an international vocation, which conducts basic and applied research in oceanography (physical, chemical and biological), geophysics and marine geology;  experimental geophysics and exploration. The institute has developed advanced skills that allow it to manage both the acquisition phase of geophysical data on land and at sea, and the successive stages of evaluation and interpretation of results.

Istituto Nazionale di Oceanografia e di Geofisica Sperimentale
Borgo Grotta Gigante 42/C - 34010 – Sgonico


Lloyd’s Register EMEA
Galleria Protti 1, 34121 Trieste, Italy

Via Tagliolini 26/b
16152 GENOVA (GE)

Via Montello, 14/b 
31040 Nervesa della Battaglia (TV) – Italia


MICAD is a Design House active in all sea related industries, with more than 15 years’ experience and long-standing cooperation with major brands in Italy and France, used to work with the aim of a full integration of style and engineering.
MICAD is active in Lecce and in Trieste with the R&D office born to expand international cooperation in high growth areas of the marine industry.
MICAD is specialized in Naval Architecture, Structural Engineering and Marine Design, and provide complete Naval Architecture services from conception (GA, hull & scantling design – FEM-CFD), through building support (weight monitoring, process flow study) to running sea trials (inclining experiments, performances and vibration).
MICAD designs the sea around your dreams.

MICAD s.r.l.
Via Leuca 198 
73100 Lecce (LE)

MONTE CARLO YACHTS, authentically Italian in its management, designers and skills, was founded by the French Beneteau group, the world’s leading maker of sailing boats and Europe’s largest manufacturer of motor boats up to 15 metres in length. To Italian creativity and care for detail, MCY has added the value of new technologies at the service of safety and reliability.

Via Consiglio d’Europa, 90 - 34074 Monfalcone


Nanto Cleantech S.p.A. established in 2010 is a technology company that develops and owns patents related to next generation of advanced materials to improve functionalities such as anticorrosion, fire retardancy, antistick, etc. The Company also manufactures functional coatings and polymers based on proprietary nanotechnology.

Piazza Benco, 1 – 34121 Trieste


Navalprogetti S.r.l.

Via dei Papaveri, 21 - 34151 Trieste

RINA Services S.p.A. is the company in the RINA group that deals with supplying services of marine classification, certification, testing and inspection (TIC Services). RINA Services operates independently and makes available its experience and skills through a wide range of services aimed at supporting the industry and community.

RINA Services S.p.A.
Via Corsica, 12 - 16128 Genova, Italia


SISSA (International School for Advanced Studies) is an institute offering international doctoral training – with a special status, established in 1978 – supported by the Italian government to promote scientific research. The school is involved in many activities with the goals of of: • advanced research of the highest level both nationally and internationally in the fields of mathematics, physics and neuroscience; • postgraduate training of a high standard; • ongoing dialogue with the main manufacturing companies in the region through the transfer of research results from the world of science to industry partners.

Scuola Internazionale Superiore di Studi Avanzati
via Bonomea, 265 – 34136 Trieste


Sicom Test S.r.l.
presso Area Science Park - palazzina E3
Padriciano 99,
34149 Trieste


Founded in 2003 in Romans d'Isonzo (Gorizia) on a female entrepreneurial initiative, Sultan is now a renowned company in the international field of naval fittings.

The company designs, manufactures, and provides assistance to the shipbuilding sector (plant and equipment).

It has carried out projects on the most prestigious cruise ships and mega yachts, therefore qualifying as an undisputed partner for quality, technological research and innovation.SULTAN S.R.L.

Via Pedret, 18 – 34076 Romans D’Isonzo (GO)


Transpobank Srl has been involved in transport telematics for almost 30 years, primarily in the inter fright exchange,as leader in Italy, and through the realtime platform to track vehicles and assets of various types. The application fields are many and range from automotive, nautical, to agriculture to specific industrial sectors. Transpobank has an R&D Laboratory settled up in AREA Science Park, dedicated to the most innovative system integrations that offers advanced implementations and IT solutions for more complex logistics issues.

c/o Area Science Park - S. 14, Km. 163,5 - 34149 Basovizza TS

The expertise of the University of Trieste in the ship and boatbuilding sector is organised by the Department of Engineering and Architecture and is divided into areas that collaborate with other university departments, holders of specific know-how in the field of materials or economic activities relating to the regional maritime sector.

The areas covered are: Shipbuilding; Mechanical and Energy; Electrical, Electronic and Information Technology; Chemicals and Materials; Civil, Structural, Hydraulic and Transportation; Environmental; Architecture.

Università degli studi di Trieste
Piazzale Europa, 1 – 34127 Trieste


As part of its mission of higher education, research and transfer of technology, the University of Udine carries out research in the shipbuilding and boatbuilding sector. At the University, the teaching of several subjects linked in some way to the the shipbuilding and boatbuilding industry is already undertaken, mainly in the BA and MA courses in “Electrical Engineering”, “Engineering Management”, “Mechanical Engineering”and “Environmental Engineering and Energy” and also in the “Information Technology”, “Economics and Business Management” and “Law” courses.”

Università degli studi di Udine
Via Palladio, 8 - 33100 Udine